Jesus Is Our King

The main point of Hebrews is that Jesus is the Ruler, who is seated at the right hand of the Father (Heb. 8:1). As God, Jesus always has been the ruler of the universe. But when Adam and Eve sinned, Satan became the ruler of this world (John 12:31, John 14:30, John 16:11). Jesus, however, came and defeated Satan at the cross, recovering the right to rule those who accept Him as their Savior (Col. 2:13–15).

The first two chapters of Hebrews focus especially on the inauguration of Jesus as King.

Read Hebrews 1:5–14. What is happening here?

These verses are arranged in three sections. Each section introduces an aspect of the enthronement ceremony of the Son. First, God installs Jesus as the royal Son (Heb. 1:5). Second, God introduces the Son to the heavenly court, who worship Him (Heb. 1:6, 8) while the Father proclaims the eternal creatorship and rule of the Son (Heb. 1:8–12). Third, God enthrones the Son—the actual conferral of power over the earth (Heb. 1:13, 14).

One of the most important beliefs of the New Testament is that in Jesus, God fulfilled His promises to David (see 2 Sam. 7:8–16 and Luke 1:30–33). Jesus was born from the line of David in the city of David (Matt. 1:1–16; Luke 2:10, 11). During His ministry people often called Him “son of David.” He was executed under the charge that He claimed to be “the king of the Jews” (Matt. 27:37, NKJV). Peter and Paul preached that Jesus had risen from death in fulfillment of the promises made to David (Acts 2:22–36, Acts 13:22–37). And John identified Jesus as “the Lion of the tribe of Judah” (Rev. 5:5).

Hebrews, of course, concurs. God has fulfilled His promises to David in Jesus: God gave Him a great “name” (Heb. 1:4), installed Him as His own Son (Heb. 1:5), affirmed Him forever as Creator and Lord (Heb. 1:8–12), and seated Him at His “right hand” (Heb. 1:13, 14). Furthermore, according to Hebrews 4, Jesus leads the people into the rest of God, and we are reminded that Jesus is the Builder of the house of God (Heb. 3:3, 4).

Jesus, then, is the legitimate Ruler of this earth engaged in a war with Satan, the usurper, for our allegiance.

How can we draw comfort, especially amid trials, from knowing that Jesus is the Ruler of the universe?


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