Driving to a Decision


Read This Week’s Passage: Psalm 23

Driving to a Decision

A university student was driving home back from graduation in his used car. With dormitory furniture and belongings in his back seat, he drove along contemplating the next stage of his life. Now empowered with an undergraduate degree, he wondered what he was going to do, how he was going to it, and where. Surrounded by anxiety and overwhelmed with the number of choices, he looked out into the countryside on his road trip. Weeks before graduation, he had applied to random jobs and internships out of desperation. Random opportunities came here and there. His rationale caused him to overthink each choice and reason out its pros and cons. But at the end of day, he still had to decide.

The monotony of the drive caused him to debate and even cry out loud for some help. Not knowing what to do, he started to pray to God aloud in his car, asking for a clear sign from heaven. He asked God to put the right decision in front of his eyes. This anxious young adult wanted to stop analyzing and wanted the assistance of heavenly omniscience to help make the decision for him.

Just then, a car cut in front of him. The recent graduate was so angry that he stared at the license plate. He wanted to mark this car, its make, and its license number. But then he realized that the plate was from a certain province of the country. Immediately his thoughts went back to the seemingly random jobs and internships he had applied to. One of them had offered him an entry-level position. And it was in the same region as the license plate of the car that had cut him off.

It was then that he knew where he was going next—the province of the car that had cut in front of him.


Write out Psalm 23 from the translation of your choice. You may also rewrite the passage in your own words, outline, or mind map the chapter.


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Driving to a Decision


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