People Who Turn Back To Sin

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Read for this week’s lesson

Nehemiah 13:1–9; Nehemiah 13:10–14; Numbers 18:21–24; Nehemiah 13:15, 16.

Memory verse

“I commanded the Levites to make themselves pure [clean; free from sin]. Then I told them to go and guard [protect] the gates. I wanted the Sabbath day to be kept holy. You are my God. Remember me because of the good things I’ve [I have] done. Be kind to me according [because of] to your great [wonderful] love” (Nehemiah 13:22, NIrV).

TIME PASSES between Nehemiah 12 and Nehemiah 13. During this time, Nehemiah goes back to Babylon. We do not know how long he is gone. Then he comes back to Jerusalem. We think he comes back around 430–425 b.c. When Nehemiah gets home, he learns that many people are sinning. They do all the things they promised not to do! (1) they promised not to marry people who worship false gods. (2) God’s people promised to keep the Sabbath holy. (3) they promised to take care of the temple and its religious leaders. The people promised to support them with gifts and offerings (Nehemiah 10). Now, the people break all those promises they made to God!

When Nehemiah arrives home, he sees that the people are very lazy about serving God. Worst of all, the leaders are lazy too. Their example causes the people to be lazy. So, of course Nehemiah is very upset. But Nehemiah does not accept things as they are. He fights for change. He helps the people to remember to put God first in their lives and honor Him.

Nehemiah fights for change. He helps the people to remember to put God first in their lives and honor Him.


People Who Turn Back To Sin


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