God's Choice

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Read for this week’s lesson

Ezra 7:10; Daniel 9:24–27; Daniel 8:14, 26, 27; Romans 8:28, 29; Exodus 3; Exodus 4.

Memory verse

“ ‘Blessed is the Lord, the God of our ancestors [our family who lived long ago]. He put the idea into the king’s heart to honor the Lord’s Temple in Jerusalem’ ” (Ezra, 7:27, ERV).

DOES GOD CHOOSE each person to do a special task? What makes one person better at doing a job than someone else? Do we see and judge these things differently than God does? Most of us will say “Yes” to these questions. We believe there are times when God gets us ready to do an important job. He gives us a special experience or education to help us. At other times, God chooses us to serve simply because we are willing and our hearts are not proud. It is not always easy to know what God’s plan for our lives is, right? The Bible is full of stories about people that God chooses to do a special job.

God chooses Ezra and Nehemiah to do a special job. God wants these men to build again the broken city and temple. That is a big job! But their job is made of many small jobs. God also tells Ezra and Nehemiah to lead the Jews back to Jerusalem. Yes, God wants Ezra and Nehemiah to build the temple. At the same time, God wants these two men to teach the people about God. God wants Ezra and Nehemiah to help His people grow close to Him again. Wow! God gives Ezra and Nehemiah a lot of important work!

God wants Ezra and Nehemiah to help His people grow close to Him again.


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